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Tutoring is not location specific!
Whether you are living in Amsterdam, Maastricht, England, Spain or Qatar: MathMind offers online tutoring for math, stats and physics. From high school to university.

Online tutoring?
Is it possible to take online tutoring for courses like math, stats or physics having all these formulas? Yes, it is! If you want to know how? Take a look at this video or read more here .

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Try our free lesson! You can experience whether our approach suits you or not! Of course, you can also contact us.


Tutoring at our office in Maastricht.
If you want a more personal contact, you can also take your tutoring at our office in Maastricht.

Tutoring as you want it.
We try to do everything we can to make your tutoring as pleasant as possible. If you choose to take tutoring at our office, you can even create your own atmosphere using hue lighting and sound.

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Image of a Face-to-Face tutoring at MathMind in the office

Would you like to experience how it feels to take tutoring for math, stats or physics at MathMind? Then try a free trial lesson. For questions, please contact Sjuup Rekko.

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