Prior to your first tutoring session, we will schedule an exploratory meeting, which is free of charge. You will receive a digital form to prepare for the interview. This form helps you articulate your 'struggle' with regard to the subject you want tutoring for and gives us insight into why you want or need tutoring.

Analysis of the problem
Based on the conversation, we can understand exactly what you are having trouble with, why that is the case and which factors influence this. Certainly if you have already done 'everything', but that still has not yielded any or insufficient results, other factors will come into play.
These can be thoughts and/or feelings. For example thoughts like: 'I can't do it', 'I don't want to' and/or feelings of insecurity or frustration. How am I ever going to get this done? Those factors, which play in the background, can sometimes be more difficult than the problem with mathematics, statistics or physics itself. And precisely because this 'problem subject' and these thoughts/feelings are often linked, they cannot be seen separately.

Approach to the problem
Fortunately, the problem is not unique, and neither is the solution (except for accents). The road between the problem and the solution is unique. Because this path depends on how you think, how quickly you pick up the explanation, how we can motivate or stimulate you, etc. Thanks to our many years of experience, we know how we can tailor our method to you and where we should emphasize. All with the aim of connecting your thinking and feeling world. You can read a detailed explanation of our method here .

Questions about our approach?
Contact us, we are happy to talk to you!

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