Online vs. Face-to-Face

To get a realistic picture of our tutoring, as it is given at MathMind, it is best to use our free (online) trial lesson. If that threshold is too high, you can read further below or watch this video. You will then see what the differences are between the online tutoring and the tutoring at our office and see that those differences are minimal.

How does an (online) tutoring start?
After you have made an appointment, you will receive a digital confirmation by e-mail. If you follow online tutoring, that email will also contain a link to Microsoft Teams.

What do I need to take online tutoring?
All you need to take online tutoring is a tablet or PC with an internet connection. Of course equipped with microphone and possibly camera. Extra software or apps are therefore not necessary. It may be useful to install Microsoft Teams, but it is not necessary. You can download Microsoft Teams here. In addition, we recommend that you keep your smartphone to hand during the online tutoring. Via Whatsapp or Teams, your teacher can read the elaborations that you are making of your assignments.

Do I learn just as much online as during a regular tutoring session at MathMind?
Experience shows that online tutoring is just as effective as regular tutoring, the tutoring at the office. If you are not yet familiar with the MathMind method, try an (online) trial lesson, which is free. You can then experience for yourself what it is like to receive online tutoring in a subject such as mathematics, physics or statistics. If you don't like online tutoring and you don't live too far from our Maastricht location, consider taking regular tutoring.

Are there any drawbacks to taking online tutoring?
Nothing is blissful. The disadvantages are roughly personal and process-related in nature. There are pupils or students who need physical proximity or simply prefer to receive tutoring in an environment other than the familiar environment. Then regular tutoring is more appropriate. In addition to the physical proximity, the interaction between teacher and student is different from online tutoring. The communication is slightly different than during a regular lesson. You could characterize the online interaction as a bit more businesslike, which results in more concentration. It requires a little more of the verbal skills of the pupil or student, because they have to explain some steps extra.

Image of a Face-to-Face tutoring at MathMind in the office

Would you like to experience how it feels to take tutoring for math, stats or physics at MathMind? Then try a free trial lesson. For questions, please contact Sjuup Rekko.

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