Tutoring, homework support and coaching in one for € 40,- per hour. If you come in a group, the costs per person are lower.

More than a solution!


Individual tutoring
An individual (online) tutoring costs € 40 per hour. Compared to other companies that offer tutoring, this price is somewhere in the middle. So if you are looking for the cheapest tutoring for mathematics, physics or statistics, we are not the right party. But is cheaper really cheaper?

Small group tutoring for a lower cost.
Do you think the hourly rate of € 40 per hour is too high? Then consider taking tutoring in a small group (max. 4 people). If you follow tutoring in pairs, it will cost €30 pp per hour, €25 for three people and €20 pp per hour for four. The group must be composed by itself.

Payment by pin or bank
If you follow tutoring at the office, you can pay with your debit card at the end of your tutoring session. If you follow online tutoring, you will receive a payment request by whatapp after your tutoring.

What do I get for € 40 per hour?

  • For € 40 per hour, MathMind offers tutoring that goes further than doing sums together or explaining sums. Moreover, you are not committed to anything with us. You do not pay any administration costs or registration fees. Let alone having to pay for a package or app.
  • Tutoring at MathMind actually consists of 1) tutoring 2) homework guidance and 3) coaching.
    1. Tutoring: your teacher analyzes where you, in your thinking process, are going 'wrong' and shows you which new 'roads' you can build. In other words: we go along with your thinking process as best we can and adjust where necessary. The tutoring therefore focuses on a structural change. A change that will benefit you a lot after the tutoring.
    2. Homework guidance: in addition to the previous approach, we give you tips for doing your homework and studying the material.
    3. Coaching : the teacher you receive tutoring from is also a bit of your coach who tries to stimulate you at the right moments to take that extra step, so that you can grow.
  • The explanation of the theory and the exercises is digitized using a drawing tablet. These notes are grouped by lesson and shared with you online. So you can “browse back” in the notes anytime, anywhere.

Do I get a discount?
We do not work with discounts at MathMind. Instead, MathMind offers free "sum time" during exam periods. Pupils and students can then contact us during the 'sum hour' with their questions about the exam papers.

Image of a Face-to-Face tutoring at MathMind in the office

Want to try tutoring without obligation?

If you want to experience for yourself what it is like to follow online tutoring, please contact Sjuup Rekko for a free trial lesson.

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