Privacy statement

Mathmind, located at Proosdijweg 23-B 6214RJ in Maastricht, is responsible for the processing of personal data as shown in this privacy statement.

Sjuup Rekko is Mathmind's data protection officer. He can be reached via .

Privacy statement
MathMind considers it very important that the personal data provided by you is treated with care. We also think it is important to inform you about how we handle your data, and to offer you the choice of how your personal data is used. We therefore advise you to read this privacy statement carefully. This statement states, among other things, which data is collected, how we use this data and how this data is protected.


  1. What do we use your personal data for?
  2. How do we handle your personal data?
  3. What are your rights?
  4. About this privacy statement

1. What do we use your personal data for?
In order to provide you with a good service and to work as efficiently and effectively as possible, MathMind processes your personal data.

1.1 What is personal data?
For personal data you can think of: name and address details and contact details. We obtain this type of data when you fill in the online contact, application or intake form. Even when you visit the MathMind website, you provide personal data in some cases; in the form of an IP address, for example.

1.2 Whose personal data do we process?
Of all persons with whom we have (online) contact.

1.3 What do we use your personal data for?
MathMind processes your personal data for the purpose of efficient and effective business operations, in particular in the context of carrying out the following activities:

  • We process personal data for entering into and performing the services, for maintaining the relationship with customers and tutors, and for handling financial transactions.
  • We use customer personal data for internal analysis and product development. This allows us to improve our products and services for our customers and tutors.

2. How do we handle your personal data?
Careful, safe and confidential. We treat your personal data in the following manner.

2.1 Supervision of the processing of personal data
The rules for protecting your personal data are laid down in the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). The Dutch Data Protection Authority (AP) ensures that this law is complied with.

2.2 Your personal data within MathMind
For the purposes for which MathMind processes your personal data, your personal data may be passed on to and centrally processed by MathMind employees for efficient business operations.

2.3 What do we do in the event of fraud and abuse?
In the event of fraud or abuse, MathMind can pass on your personal data to the police and the judicial authorities. For example, it may concern IP addresses of website visitors.

2.4 Secure and Confidential
MathMind ensures that your data is properly secured. All our employees handle the data you entrust to us with care. Only authorized personnel may process your data.

2.5 Retention period of personal data
MathMind prefers not to store personal data longer than is necessary for the purpose of processing that data. We store the personal data of (potential) tutors for a maximum of 2 years. As a result, after a period in which no tutoring is taken, a possible re-enrolment can be completed much more quickly. We store the personal data of (potential) tutors for a maximum of 5 years. If you have not been active during this period or have otherwise indicated that you wish to remain in our system, we will automatically delete the data. If you want to have your personal data removed sooner, you can notify us by email. In some cases, we are legally required to keep personal data for longer than the above periods; for example because of the administrative retention obligation. In such cases, we will delete personal data after the legal retention period has expired.

3. What are your rights?
You can always request which personal data is known to us. You can also have them corrected if they are incorrect. In addition, you can have your data removed by us.

3.1 Do you want to view your personal data?
Are you a customer or tutor of MathMind and would you like to see which of your personal data are known to us? Then you can use your 'Right of access'. You send your request, together with a copy of a valid passport, driving license or other proof of identity, to:

Proosdijweg 23-B
6214 RJ Maastricht

3.2 Do you want to correct your personal data?
If your personal data is incorrect, you can ask MathMind to adjust this data. We call this the 'Right of correction'. You can pass on your changes via

3.3 Do you want to delete your personal data?
Send an email to: Subsequently, your data will be removed from the system as soon as possible, when there are no longer any legal obligations to store your data. In addition to the option to unsubscribe via the dashboard, you can also send a written request for deletion. You must then enclose a copy of a valid proof of identity.

4. About this privacy statement

4.1 Applicable law and disputes
Dutch law applies to this privacy statement. All disputes arising from this statement must be submitted to the competent court: the court of Maastricht.

4.2 Location and modification
MathMind reserves the right to make changes to this privacy statement. It is recommended that you consult this statement regularly so that you are aware of these changes. The last change was on December 17, 2019. The most recent version can always be found at .

4.3 Questions
Do you still have questions about how we use and process personal data after reading this privacy statement? Please contact our data protection officer via