You're looking for physics tutoring because you're having trouble with a specific subject or because things aren't going well across the board. You have already done and tried everything, but you are not going to succeed in getting enough for physics.

By offering you a different way of thinking and working in addition to a practical approach, we can help you achieve that result – which is sufficient. If you want to know how we do that, read more here .

Linking Mathematics and Physics
We also pay attention – where necessary – to the mathematics behind physics. Many physical concepts have a mathematical 'component'. The trigonometry of mathematics is closely related to the vibrations treated in physics. This also applies to analytic geometry and the derivative discussed in physics in the form of vectors and velocity.

Linking theory and practice
Nowadays, in physics, practical applicability is also looked at, whereby your knowledge of the field of application is sometimes also tested. Exercises are about the practical application of the theory; in such exercises you get to see how part of the theory is applied in practice. The difficulty with this – during the preparation of the exercises – lies mainly in being able to determine which information is relevant. What information from the text can I link to the theory to build a reasoning.

Questions about physics tutoring.
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