Mathematics A, B, C and D

Math? What should I do with it or what's in it for me? Questions that are asked regularly. Whatever the answers to these questions may be, unfortunately it won't make you any better at math; so this won't help you any further.

Mathematics is a struggle for many. This is not only due to the way in which the subject is taught, but also because of the stigma that rests on the subject: it is difficult, abstract and tedious! This prejudice, the stigma, along with the often one-sided or unclear explanation, is a big part of your problem. And not the math itself! Maybe it helps if you know that a lot of people have or have had trouble with math and that you are not alone. But that didn't help you.

Mathematics as a compulsory subject
In addition – no matter how annoying it is – you cannot escape the subject of mathematics; exceptions. It is a compulsory subject for most students and comes back in the form of statistics in 85% of follow-up studies.

So what remains is to look the 'monster' called mathematics in the eye. Which means as much as getting started with it. But in a different way than you've done so far! You can read here how we do that.

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