Content on this site
The utmost care has been taken during the creation process of this website. Partly because of this, we do not accept any liability or responsibility for damage caused by the use or possible incompleteness of information offered on this website in any way whatsoever. The content and design of this site can be changed or modified without explicit warning or permission. Certainly in the first case, this will be announced in a timely manner.
The content of this site is divided into three components. Namely the 1) textual 2) visual 3) design or layout.

The images that can be found on this site are images that 1) purchased through Shutterstock 2) photos taken during a tutoring and 3) own creations
With regard to the first group, the rights have been bought off for use in any form whatsoever.
For the images in which (former) students or students of MathMind can be seen, explicit permission and cooperation has been given for the creation and placement of those images. These will of course be removed immediately after written submission if desired.
The third category concerns images that have been created in combination with your own image material by compiling or adapting image material purchased through Shutterstock.

The content of this text is a spiritual creation in which an attempt has been made to be as original and original as possible. However, it is possible that, given the nature of the service, there are similarities between the text of this site and other sites. That agreement is then purely coincidental, from which no rights can therefore be derived.

The copyright that rests on the visual material, except for purchased images, the text and the (partial) design of this website rests with Ir. SJMM Rekko. Reproduction of the entire content, insofar as copyright belongs to ir. SJMM Rekko, is not permitted without written permission.

Visit this site completely anonymously
Naturally, the visit to the MathMind website is completely anonymous. The activities during the visit to this website are kept up to date by means of a log system. Before a visitor leaves the page, we want to gain insight into the routing from start to finish. This data is necessary in order to better tailor the content and design to the needs of the user.
In addition to monitoring behaviour, Google Analytics is also used. In combination with a social media tool, we try to understand how and through which channels visitors reach our website.
In some cases, on the other hand, we will explicitly ask you to enter personal data in an online form. We need this information so that we can contact you in a targeted manner. This may be in connection with planning a trial lesson, wish to receive information about our tutoring lessons, etc.. (Will not be passed on to third parties).
Collected (personal) data is not sold or made available to third parties. This is subject to special circumstances, for example if required by law. You can also request to have your data removed from our files at any time.