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You are looking for tutoring for QM1, QM2 or QM3 because you are having trouble with it or are completely stuck. But you have to pass your exam! Although you may not believe that yet, you too can really get a pass for QM1, QM2 and QM3! And it doesn't require superhuman gifts or powers.

By offering you a different way of thinking and working in addition to a practical approach, we can help you achieve this enough for QM1, QM2 or QM3. If you want to read more about this method, read on here .

To apply
In addition to the theory, the exercises are also discussed. For example, there are exercises in your reader and you can practice in SOWISO. We teach you not only to do these tasks, but above all to understand them. You will then experience for yourself that answering the questions always comes down to the same thing. This applies not only to the mathematical part of QM1, QM2 and QM3, but also to the statistical part. Practicing in MystatLab with statistical issues is therefore also part of it.

To prepare for your exam, there is of course plenty of practice with exam assignments. It is not about which trick you have to apply when, but which rules and theory you apply to arrive at the answer. In addition, we show you that every exam has the same structure and content, with some variation on the question here and there.

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So it doesn't matter whether you only have a few questions and want to dot the "i", or because you have trouble with the entire material. We can help you with your SOWISO and Mystatlab assignments. We also prepare you for your quizzes and/or exam.

Questions about tutoring QM1, QM2 or QM3
If you have any questions, please contact us. Or try a free trial lesson .

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