By 'thinking', developing it and learning to rely on it, we believe that we can guide everyone to a satisfactory level for mathematics, physics and statistics. All we deem necessary for this is commitment.

Over MathMind

The foundation of the MathMind company was developed and built up by me, Sjuup Rekko, over 20 years ago. From the beginning I started to take tutoring out of the 'attic room atmosphere'. In my opinion, tutoring deserved to be professionalised, because tutoring actually comes down to teaching.

That professionalization was not part of obtaining my teaching qualification for mathematics. It is and was much more in the total approach and structure of a tutoring in which the pupil or student must be central. That means 'listening' to the pupil/student.

In addition, the person who is going to take tutoring does not only have a rational 'problem'. Often a lot of resistance has built up for the subject for which someone is tutoring and motivation has dropped - certainly if many attempts have already been made - to a minimum and perhaps to an absolute minimum. The approach must therefore take place on two fronts.

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Notes but digitally
During the tutoring, the pupils/students do not follow the explanation of the material on paper, but on a screen. A drawing tablet in combination with OneNote is used for this. Taking notes, during the explanation, is absolutely unnecessary. These are made by your teacher and stored digitally.

All attention can therefore be focused on the explanation and in particular the understanding of the explanation. If a step or section is not clear, another or additional explanation can easily be added. In addition to using the drawing tablet, other digital resources are also used during tutoring. The digital edition of the books, digital graphing calculators etc. Every effort is made to increase the convenience of the pupil and student and promote commitment so that all 'energy' can go to understanding the material.

Analyzing and stimulating thinking
The growth must mainly come from one's own confidence, the confidence to be able to do it yourself. We do this by helping you where you get stuck in your own thinking process and by looking at why you get stuck there. It is absolute nonsense that 'everything' is not good. We try to provide your thinking process, only where necessary, with a new strategy that is helpful. In addition to tackling the thought process, we also look at ways so that you can check your own work, especially during a test. That gives peace and stability for many

Motivation and resistance
When the struggle gives way to understanding and the method of learning starts to catch on, the process of change begins. The confidence and pleasure return, but above all the realization that you can do it yourself. And then a tutoring process is successful.


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