Digital assets

The choice of software and hardware means that you will not notice much difference between the online and Face-2-Face tutoring! You can see which software and hardware that is in this video or read below.

drawing tablet

During the tutoring, notes are made of the explanation and theory. This is done instead of “pen and paper” with a Wacom drawing tablet. While writing, the notes appear on the screen in real time. If you follow tutoring at our office, it will be a large TV screen. During an online tutoring session, this is of course the screen of your PC or tablet. The image, your teacher's desktop, is then shared with you (shared), so that you see exactly the same as your teacher.

Microsoft OneNote

The notes are saved in OneNote as you write. OneNote is ideal for structuring and sharing information, tutoring notes, and online. After the tutoring you will receive a link to your digital notes. So you always have the explanation and notes of all the material at hand. So you don't have to take notes during the tutoring either. This allows you to focus 100% on the explanation. OneNote is a free program from Microsoft, made for Windows, Linux and Mac.

Microsoft Teams

Microsoft Teams is used during tutoring to communicate and exchange notes. In addition, the calendar function of Teams is used to record the appointments. This digital appointment will appear in your agenda, together with the link to the online tutoring.

The graphing calculator

The graphing calculator (gr) plays an important role in our mathematics tutoring A and B. That is why, in addition to all the physical GR's that are used in secondary schools in the Netherlands, we also have the software variant of these calculators. This means that the explanation and use of the gr can also be done online. If you want to know which gr is the best to buy, read the following blog .

Image of a Face-to-Face tutoring at MathMind in the office

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