Which graphing calculator do I need?



In the upper years of secondary school, from 4 HAVO and VWO, the graphing calculator (gr) is introduced in mathematics A, B, C and D.

It is not the school that determines which graphing calculators (gr's) you can choose from, but the College for Tests and Exams ( CvTE ). The gr is used during the central written final exam (cse) mathematics A, B and C and the CvTE is responsible for this, just like the permitted aids during that cse.

Which GR can I choose from?

There are currently three manufacturers: 1) HP (Hewlett Packard), 2) TI (Texas Instrument) and 3) Casio, with each manufacturer having one or more models/types. The list of GR's that are allowed during the final exam can be found below or here .


Manufacturer notes Model Type
1 Casio fx-9860 GII
2 HP Prime
3 TI 84 Plus T
What t

Whichever choice you make, all gr's in this list are allowed and sufficient. So you ca n't make a wrong choice if you choose a gr from this list! Although teachers may have you believe otherwise. Nonsense!

The 'advice' of the math teacher.

It is the role of the mathematics teacher to advise his students in the choice process for the GR at the end of class 3 (havo and vwo). But it will rarely be an advice. The 'advice' most teachers give out is to buy the gr that he and the entire math section have been working with for years. Moreover, students are strongly discouraged to purchase another gr.

Some schools take it a step further and prohibit the use of other GRs themselves. Apart from the fact that a school is not allowed to decide that, but unfortunately wrongly does. In addition, for each gr of instruction, documents have been written that correspond to the mathematics method used by the school: Number and Space and Modern Mathematics. In these documents, the explanation/instruction per function is described per gr.

Which graphing calculator does MathMind recommend.

1) Financial. If only money is decisive, then the obvious choice is: “The cheapest”. Look at amazon.de or amazon.fr. There are always offers or promotions. In addition, a second-hand device can be purchased via Marktplaats. Then pay attention to the indication of the model and type as stated in the table. By the way, the OS may need to be upgraded.
2)Performance. If you have trouble with math and want to get rid of it as quickly as possible, take the Casio fx-cg20/50.
3) Interest and follow-up study. If you later want to do a technical study and/or you are interested in programming, it is advised to take the TI-nspire.
4) Finally. The TI-84 PLUS T or, CE-T, despite being the most widely used, would not get MathMind's recommendation.

The HP prime is not included in this advice. No student or student who has ever tutored at MathMind has worked with an HP.

What is that advice based on?

MathMind works with all permitted GR's. Students can therefore see and use all GRs and are also told the advantages and disadvantages of each GR. They can then choose based on that. The Casion fx-cg20/50 has some functions that can come in handy, especially if you are not good at math and have little interest in the subject. Functionality that the TI-84 PLUS CE-T does not have. See also the following Mathematics letter article.

Most notably, the Casio can provide exact answers. Certainly if you are not yet familiar with the gr, this will not mean much to you. It mainly deals with the use of roots, fractions, the unit circle, trigonometric equations, abc formula or factoring of quadratic equations, solving equations where this gr often gives exact answers unlike the others.

Choice stress?

So if you choose a gr from the list, you are always in the right place. Still afraid to make the right or good choice, do not hesitate to contact us. This can be done by telephone or by email.